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Adoption Policy

We love the Australian Shepard breed........all sizes but I have to admit that we have become fanatics when it comes to the mini and toy aussie. Every puppy puts a beautiful memory in our hearts. Choosing a quality forever home is important to us, in addition to our Adoption Policy we will qualify each home in advance of placement.

Adopting an animal is a big commitment. Most of my cats and dogs have lived between 15 and 20 years. Make sure you consider whether or not you have the time, money, and emotional resources to commit to a new family member before adopting.

I take animal welfare very seriously and because of this, I have implemented the following practice when vetting a home for placement of one of my pups.

  1. All pups go to their new home with  initial core vaccines,  wormed, and with a health guarantee.

  2. New owner must commit to continue routine healthcare to ensure a healthy life for their new pet.   

  3. If pup/dog must be surrendered due to hardship or change in circumstances, pup/dog will be returned to Rock Creek Mini Aussies for rehoming. Any sale proceeds , less cost of care, will be given to the buyer who surrendered the pup/dog. 

  4. Pup is not to be left alone for long periods of time. This is stressful to them and should be avoided.

  5. Pups/dogs must be housed in a safe enclosure when left alone. These are small dogs and must be protected from birds of prey and other predators like coyotes.

  6. Buyer commits to having their puppy spayed or neutered by 12 months unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  • Prices are $1500 to $3000 and up depending on coloring, confirmation, etc.  

  • 50% deposit required at the time pup of choice is reserved

    • The puppy adoption fee is based on the time, labor, hard costs of making these amazing little dogs available to those that desire them. These are:

      • Sleepless nights monitoring the bitch as she approaches whelping. This is to ensure the safety of the mother and the pups.

      • Breeder time spent per pup up to the point of adoption is minimum of 80 hours and often much, much more. This does not include driving time to vet appointments and pet stores to secure food, other misc.

      • Actual hard costs the breeder incurs includes vet costs (including surgeries for C-sections), vaccines, worming medicine, high quality wet/dry food, puppy pee pee pads, cleaning supplies to maintain a clean kennel in addition overhead incurred like heating/AC/electricity

      • Experienced animal care giver labor should a breeder need back up support for a vacation (if they are lucky).

      • In the end, the asking price is fair given the time, money, and energy invested in making these sweet dogs available to those that desire them.

      • References available

      • Our relationship really begins when you take your pup home. If we are not a fit for each other, I reserve the right to not sell a pup in these situations. 

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